What is Kawa?

Kawa is raw fermented drinking vinegar.

What do we mean by drinking vinegar? Basically, it’s vinegar that’s bottled before it reaches the same acidity as a traditional apple cider or red wine vinegar.

It’s full of all the good bacteria captured during the fermentation process while still retaining an easy-drinking, fruit-driven flavour.

To make Kawa, we start by cold-pressing fruit before adding water and Manuka honey. It's then left to ferment until it's rich in good bacteria and strikes just the right balance between sour and sweet.

It’s sour (but never tart) and free from any added sugar, making it more refreshing and better for you than your average fermented drink.

How should I serve Kawa?

We recommend mixing Kawa 50/50 with soda water and adding ice or sip it straight.

How is Kawa raw?

Kawa is left to wild ferment and is not pasteurised. We make it this way to ensure we retain as much of the good bacteria and vitamins as possible.

What’s the cloudy stuff?

The cloudy appearance is the living 'mother' made up of enzymes and friendly bacteria. The natural cultures are what makes Kawa so good for you.

Make sure you shake the bottle before serving.

Do you use artificial colouring?

Kawa is all natural. We don’t use any artificial colouring. 

Where is it made?

Kawa is proudly made in Auckland from produce sourced across New Zealand.

How do I order wholesale?

Get in touch with us at team@drinkkawa.com.

Any other questions?

Feel free to get in touch at team@drinkkawa.com.