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Craft drinking sours

Kawa is a wild fermented drinking vinegar crafted from three ingredients: cold-pressed organic fruit, filtered water and multi-floral mānuka honey.

Inspired by traditional apple cider vinegar and kombucha brewing techniques, we have nurtured a new type of non-alcoholic drink that’s great for your digestive system and tastes refreshingly unique.

Mix 50:50 with soda water or serve straight over ice. 

Quality ingredients

Every batch of Kawa is hand-crafted from organic and locally-sourced ingredients.  

What does it taste like? Think sour but not tart. It's full fruit-driven flavour balanced with honey undertones.

We love it served with a hearty brunch, as an afternoon pick-me-up or as an evening treat. 



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Vibrant and earthy with a clean acidic finish, it’s all the best organic beetroot has to offer packed into one smooth, balanced and sophisticated drink

A simple culture



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As refreshing as an old fashioned lemonade with none of the added sugar. It’s tangy, sour and zesty, perfect for a hot summer’s day.